UTG university

UTG university — the UTG aviation services training center

UTG university was created in June 2014. At first the team of the center consisted of 2 people, but during the first year of work it grew to 13 trainers and 6 employees. In accordance with the rather complex rules of certification in Russia, 8 UTG university educational programs were approved in August 2014 by FATA of the RF after which we were able to start the certification process of the center itself.

In 2015 we received the FATA certificate for training and educational activities and were licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science of the RF for supplementary education and training (career development).

In August 2015 UTG university started full scope activity: we developed 19 educational programs.

In less than a year 386 students have completed their training in UTG university (both UTG aviation services staff and other organizations).

UTG university has 5 fully equipped classrooms at its disposal, a library (both printed and electronic). For practical training sessions the center has access to various aircraft types and also to the work stations of traffic and load controllers, ground handling operations agents, enabling students to complete real live training courses “in the field”.

UTG university also has the resources to provide onsite training courses for various companies.

Upon finishing a course all students who have successfully passed exams receive a supplementary education certificate (valid on the territory of the RF).



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