The first interaction of a passenger with an airline happens on the ground, usually forming the most important, THE FIRST impression. Registration, boarding and transporting procedures and, of course, the fact that a passenger can be helped out in need are almost as important as the flight itself. UTG aviation services provides a full scope of passenger handling services using its extensive experience for the comfort of both travelers and carriers.

Passenger Services

Passenger services:

  • Ticketing services;
  • Check-in services:
    • Dedicated check-in desks/islands;
    • Dedicated business class check-in desks;
    • Dedicated bag drop desks.
  • Boarding services;
  • Flight dispatching;
  • Handling disruptions;
  • Profiling. Document and visa verification at check-in and boarding gate;
  • Late baggage delivery;
  • Business lounge services;
  • VIP staffing;
  • speed transfer services (Hop-on-hop);
  • unaccompanied minors escort services.


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